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About Us

About Us

Fiction House is one of the most famous and popular publishing organization because of it is non-traditional subject matter of publications. It is a secular publishing organization which has been enlightening thousands of people across the country. “Fiction House” was founded by Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Khan in April 1991, Present Director of “Fiction House”,  Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Khan has given his last twenty five years to publish and promote secular literature in Pakistan. He is one of the most active members in all anti-dictatorship Agitations. Selection of Subject Matter is one of the biggest deals in Publishing Books.

Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Khan being enlightens and secular person always concern with those issues which make society better and always give lesson of humanity. “Fiction House” has translated Russian, French, German and World most famous literature into Urdu Language. So through which people would come to know about different trends and ideologies of the world.

“Fiction House” has been publishing most secular and controversial literature in Pakistan. It has published more than seven hundred books in Urdu, English and Sindhi Language. The Subject matter of these books is Philosophy, Psychology, Fiction (Mostly Russian, French German Translation), Science, Research work Criticism, History, Politics, Biographies, Auto Biographies…etc. Most of this work is based on translation. Translations of those controversial Ideologies / Issues from which People always hide themselves, Translation of Communist, Socialist, Existentialists, Feminist Literature.

“Fiction House” has also published all the books of Pakistan well known historian Dr. Mubarak Ali, Qazi Javed, Hamza Alavi, G. M. Syed, Asad Saleem Shaikh, Ashfaq Saleem Mirza, who is also most important intellectual figure of Pakistan has been working with Fiction House and has written more than twenty books on various subjects.

Fiction House” Head Office is in Lahore. It has two Sub-Offices. One of them is in Hyderabad. Which was founded in 2000? It has been working in all over Sindh Especially in Interior Sindh, to per mote Education and making people civilized and enrich with thoughts. This sub-office also organized book fairs in different cities of Sindh. This Sub-Office also has been working in Promoting literature in Sindhi language by publishing Sindhi Books with the assistance of Head Office. The other Sub-Office was founded in 2011 at Karachi. Which is also working in Promoting Education in Sindh?

“Fiction House” has various distributors in all over Pakistan. Its Books are easy in approach and also have affordable Price for reader.This is leading in promoting secular literature, in all over the Pakistan. I will say one thing in the honor of it that “Where there is a secularism there is Fiction House” Fiction House has proper chain system of its work from selection of subject to the Publishing and distribution. This organization works with optimist approach in the society has clear and vast vision in future.

Head Office Lahore:
Book Street, 68-Mozang Road Lahore, Pakistan
Office: +92 42 36307550-51
Cell: +92 307 4618280
Branch Office Hyderabad:
52, 53 Rabia-Square, Haider Chowk, Hyderabad.
Office: +92 22 2780608
Cell: +92 334 2803845
Branch Office Karachi:
Nosheen Center, 1st floor, shop 5, Urdu Bazaar Karachi.
Office: +92 336 4201910